Change is at the core of what we do.

Each instance of communication is aimed at a specific change. Just think about it: the goal of communication is to change information in the minds of people, to change a feeling or association, to change a behaviour, … And in most cases, it’s a combination of all these objectives. This is something we understand very clearly at Vestal Communication. Therefore, change is our guiding principle. It is both the foundation from which we depart and the end goal that never leaves our minds.

Effectively achieving change is always a challenge in one way or another. Such a challenge however, is precisely what makes Vestal Communication tick. Click on read more to learn more about how we solve them.

These are our offices.

We're located in one of the most inspiring places you can find in the province of Limburg: the miningfacilities of Beringen.

Fresh start-up or leading enterprise.

We've got the experience to help both.

A recent company or one that is years ahead in terms of experience; both don’t quite scare us. We have clients that can be found on the Fortune 500 list and help businesses with only one employee. What matters to us is not the size of your enterprise, but the scope of your challenge. We will not pitch you any marketing ploy that you’ve heard a thousand times before. We want to hear your story, your passion and the things that keep you up at night. When we feel that we could be a match, we step in. We get to know who you are, what you stand for and what your goals are. You will hear our take on your company’s (communicational) issues, and together we will turn your challenges into opportunities.

Reckon we have the answer to your questions?

Just reach out and we’ll have a chat, no strings attached. In the meantime, you can read
what we value about ourselves below.

We don't keep to the trodden paths. In addition to the usual forms of copy and design, we’ve also built extensive experience in writing books, inauguration speeches, TED Talks, white papers, columns and other less common formats.

We pride ourselves on fast response and quality work. Rest assured, we can handle both at the same time.

We can take the lead and coordinate your project. Boots on the ground, we consolidate and direct all efforts towards one goal. Expectations, milestones and deliverables are always clearly set and met.

Vestal Communication - At Vestal we have a strategic approach that fits your business, both internally and externally.
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