Brand Strategy

A company with a fully developed brand strategy, is always one step ahead. Every business has a story of its own, but it is important to get that narrative to your target group. The best way to do so, is something we’ll determine once we have complete view of who you are as a company.

Employer branding

You attract talent through a strong, distinctive DNA as an employer. Various aspects play a role in this, such as job content, growth, mobility, people culture and attention to sustainability and SDGs. In addition, potential new employees form an image based upon your website, media-appearances and current employee experiences. In short, employer branding is more than just a nice job advertisement. And for this, we can support you to find the talent you are looking for.

Brand strategy

People are constantly overwhelmed by input and stimuli in today’s world. This makes it extremely hard for something to stand out amongst the noise. Luckily, that doens’t mean it’s impossible. The best way to reach your audience is not always through obnoxiously vibrant images or the biggest all-caps font you can find. Instead, we at Vestal Communication believe that the most effective way to reach your audience is through a captivating story. A story does not just momentarily grab the attention of a viewer, but draws them in for a longer period. This allows you the time to fully tell them what you are all about.  

City en region marketing 

City and region marketing is all about strong campaigns. Rather obvious, right? But knowing one’s own DNA and translating it correctly, targeted product development and partnerships with local entrepreneurs are all examples of what is needed to make residents or tourists move and convince others. The key to success is to start from the most basic identity of your city or region, and base both content and communication on these defining features to create (at least) a medium-term plan.

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