Support communication & negotiations

Implementing change first of all means creating support so that those involved get behind the plan without forcing them to do so. We can help you determine the best way to do this, which steps to take and how to prepare for what awaits you.

Labour relations

Especially in larger companies, it is important to find a balance between what is desirable and what is feasible. Because of the impact of employee organisations, discussions are often held at the cutting edge. Especially then, tonality, well thought-out messaging and a strategic step-by-step plan are crucial to build a positive long-term relationship and to be able to work on the best solution for your employees and your organisation.

Stakeholder management

At Vestal, this is one of our key products for almost all our clients. Whether it concerns strategic internal projects or external processes, it is crucial in every situation to know which people are involved, what their point of view is, what they expect, and where the sting can be. It determines your substantive strategy, but also the message, medium and timing. How do you build the right story to the right stakeholder? Vestal will help you every step along the way.

Other Services

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