Content creation

In addition to your standard formats, we write TED-talks, books, speeches and even internal pitches for clients who want to convey a powerful idea. The best way to deliver such an idea depends on the medium. The narrative of an effective column is different from the graphic storytelling in a keynote. The amount of ideas you can transfer onto your audience also depends a lot on the format used. A white paper can greatly elaborate while an opinionating article should be short and concise.  We can take care of your positioning through our experience, file knowledge, inspired penmanship and strong graphic design. Below you can find some examples of the not-so-standard formats we’ve used for our clients, but there’s much more where these came from. 

  • Internal pitches
  • Columns
  • Speeches
  • TED-talks
  • Keynotes
  • White papers
  • Books
  • Interactive PDFs
  • And many more

Other Services

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