The projects we carry out together with our clients often have to do with raising awareness about the environment and sustainability. By doing so, we have built extensive experience in, for example, support communication, community communication, waste systems, SDGs, sustainability reports and more.

Generate support

Internally or externally, communication is often an essential step in the process of creating support: internally with employees, senior management and externally with local residents, customers, politicians, trade unions to name a few. Since every case is unique in this regard, the strategies we device to create support will always be custom-made.


Stakeholder Management

Neighbours and local residents are essential stakeholders in specific projects. Communication during infrastructure works or, for example, the construction of wind turbines is crucial, but also very sensitive. We are often involved in supervising the realisation of such projects, from information exhibitions to brochures, from websites to press communication, Q&A sessions to (avoiding) crisis situations.

Waste management systems

Throughout our history, we have built up a great deal of experience relating to the environment, sustainability and waste. For some clients, we are not so much a communications agency but rather a partner or lead in the development of innovative sustainability projects and even collection systems for household waste.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are an important instrument for the sustainable development of our society towards 2030 (and beyond). As an organisation, you can take all kinds of steps to achieve these various goals, but don’t forget that your employees are a crucial factor and ambassador as well. Internal sustainability strategies ranging from energy saving and diversity in the workplace, to inclusion and poverty reduction are an integral part of what you can do. Whatever you do, always ‘walk the talk’. After all, window dressers inevitably fall through the cracks…

Sustainability reports 

Sustainability reports often require a special approach: on the one hand fixed formats, on the other a clear, non-technical vocabulary that tells you what you do or do not do. We are experts on the most important standards and assist in both the technical reporting (how do I bring in which figures) and the graphical and textual translation.


Other Services

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